Skate Altar prints on Thrasher


Some of my art that was featured in Thrasher Magazine is up on their site now. I’ve also got them for sale. Check it out.

Needs More Clown Shoes


Ben sent this to me earlier in the week, and I just watched it. I love seeing people come up with new weird stuff to do with a skateboard, but I think I’m equal parts psyched and confused as shit on this one. One thing is for sure, these dudes look like they know how to have fun.

Nowhere On-line Shop Finally Open!

First Nowhere Skate Decks

Well, I finally got everything together. All the posters, shirts, comics, prints, stickers, and anything you could posibly want from me; all in one spot and ready for your mailbox. And to kick it off, the first run of Nowhere Skateboards skate decks! I just road one for the first time two days ago and I’m amped. They’ve got a nice shape and a clean pop. Check them and the rest of the goods out at the shop.

May Photos

Well, getting back into the swing just in time for summer. Got a couple new spots and and couple new shots. Take a looky-loo….

1/2 of an already useless man

My broke ass arm

So, anyone who has looked at this site in the past three months has probably noticed that absolutely nothing has changed.